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Jason Manning

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Jason Manning is an assistant professor at West Virginia University. He received a Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Virginia. Dr. Manning’s research is primarily concerned with the diverse ways in which people express grievances and respond to deviance, a topic known as conflict management or social control. Social control takes on many forms, including gossip, spanking, firing, feuding, suing, imprisonment and execution.  Within this broad field he focuses on the study of violence and aggression.  His work is theoretical in nature, and seeks to formulate general principles that predict and explain when conflicts will result in the use of force. 

Dr. Manning’s work to date has utilized the micro-structural Blackian paradigm (“pure sociology”) to explain self-destructive forms of social control such as protest suicide, homicide-suicide, and suicide terrorism.  His work has appeared in Sociological Forum and Homicide Studies .

  Selected Publications

  • Manning, Jason.   2012.  “Suicide as Social Control.” Sociological Forum 27 (1): 207-227
  • Manning, Jason. 2014.  “The Social Structure of Homicide-Suicide.” Homicide Studies. Online: http://hsx.sagepub.com/content/early/recent
  • Manning, Jason. Forthcoming.  “Aggressive Suicide.”  In “The Pure Sociology of Right and Wrong,” edited by James Tucker.  Special issue of the International Journal of Crime, Law and Justice.

Courses Taught

  • SocA 301 Sociological Theory
  • SocA 311 Social Research Methods
  • SocA 331 Sociology of Law
  • SocA 389 Writing in Sociology and Anthropology
  • SocA 488 The Capstone
  • SocA 493 Sociology of Violence
  • SocA 693U SPTP: Sociological Explanation