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Adam Dasari, Ph.D. *

Teaching Associate Professor - Sociology


Dr. Dasari earned a Ph.D. in sociology from Oklahoma State University, specializing in the areas of Social Inequality, Race and Ethnicity, Sociological Theory, Environmental Sociology, Sociology of Culture, and Globalization. His research on globalization focused on popular culture in India, especially the entry of MTV and other satellite channels from the West. Currently he is pursuing research in the area of race and ethnicity, with an emphasis on ethnic organizations and issues of ethnic identity among Indian-Americans here in the United States.

Courses Taught

  • SOCA 235 Race Relations
  • SOCA 235 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOCA 293W Understanding Social Issues
  • SOCA 301 Sociological Theory
  • SOCA 405 Class / Status / Power
  • SOCA 417 Sociology--Globalization (previously taught as SOCA 493Z)
  • SOCA 693B Classical Sociological Theory