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M.A. in Sociology

The M.A. program serves as a foundation for students who wish to pursue doctoral studies or move on to a research-oriented career in government, universities or private industry. Our courses in the principal areas of sociology and our training in independent research prepare students for doctoral programs, while the emphasis we place on teaching data analysis, evaluation research and professional writing and presentation are highly valued by non-academic employers.

Graduates of our M.A. program have continued their education in a number of respected Ph.D. programs and law schools, and have taken positions in organizations such as the FBI, Census Bureau, NIOSH, and several public and private research firms. 

All students are required to take the nine courses in M.A. program’s core curriculum. No student will be granted the M.A. degree without having a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher in these courses. 
The required courses include: 
  • SOCA 610 – Advanced General Sociology
  • SOCA 615 – Sociological Data Analysis & Interpretation 
  • SOCA 616 – Sociological Data Analysis & Interpretation II 
  • Methods I (SOCA 620 – Sociological Research Methods) 
  • Methods II (SOCA 720 or 721) 
  • Methods III (SOCA 725, 726, 727, 728, 729 or GEOG 550) 
  • SOCA 630 – Classical Social Thought 
  • SOCA 600 – Professional Development Pro-seminar 
  • SOCA 601 – Research and Writing Pro-seminar