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Ph.D. in Sociology

The Sociology Ph.D. program trains students in the fundamental skills of sociology. Students acquire advanced knowledge of sociological theory and research in one of the three offered areas of specialization. Graduates of the program are prepared for teaching and research positions in at the academic or professional level. 

Areas of specialization

Crime: Social Control and Violence
Community: Health, Environment and Place
Culture: Social Psychology and Media

Faculty Fields of Interest

Name Community Culture Crime
Corey Colyer   X X
Katie Corcoran X X X
Lynne Cossman X    
Walter DeKeseredy     X
Lisa Dilks   X X
Susanna Donaldson   X  
Mandy Hall-Sanchez     X
Melissa Latimer X X  
Jason Manning X X X
Larry Nichols   X X
James  Nolan X X X
Daniel Renfrew X    
Chris Scheitle X X  
Kirsten Song   X  
Jennifer Steele X    
Rachel Stein X   X
Victoria Velding   X  
Heather Washington X   X
Karen Weiss X   X
Rachael Woldoff X   X
Joshua Woods   X X
Jesse Wozniak   X X