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Sociologists and anthropologists use their uniquely creative perspective to help make a difference in the world. Sociology and anthropology examines the structure of human societies and of the social processes that operate in all groups, organizations, and institutions. Students are exposed to the methods of inquiry and special knowledge and insights of sociology and anthropology. Courses are designed to facilitate the application of sociological and anthropological principles to a wide range of contemporary social problems.

In addition to sociology and anthropology, the department also encourages students to make an impact in the world through the study of criminology. These students study crimes and their causes, effects, and social impact. 

Students are well-equipped for graduate training in the social sciences in pursuit of academic or applied research careers. Sociology and anthropology majors often find careers in applied research with government agencies, assisting in community development and planning or use their knowledge of social organization and social process in a variety of settings within the United States or abroad.    

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