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Graduate Program

Our graduate program trains students in the core areas of sociology, including research design, quantitative and qualitative methods, data analysis, theory, and socio­logical writing. It also teaches a range of professional skills designed to help graduates enter the academic or non-academic job markets. Emphasis is placed on writing and presentation skills, knowledge of statistical software, teaching ability, expertise in program evaluation, and the ability to communicate and apply sociological theory. Ph.D. students are able to choose from our three research areas: Crime, Community and Culture.

Graduates of the masters of arts program have entered Ph.D. programs and have taken positions in universities, government, community agencies, and private industry.

Employers value our graduates’ technical skills, understanding of the research process, and overview of the interaction between research, planning, and pol­icy. Many of our graduates are soon promoted to positions as project directors, managers, and supervisors. As a consequence, our network for placing graduates is ever-expanding.