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Graduation Requirements

The Eberly College of Arts and Science’s forms must be submitted as directed electronically or to the department liaison. Students are responsible for obtaining all necessary signatures. Forms and applications requiring department liaison assistance must reach the department 24 hours prior to all posted deadlines to allow for processing and couriering of documents. All college deadlines are final and late submissions will not be accepted. If something is submitted late students will be required to apply for the next graduation period.

Graduation Documents

Things to Remember

When preparing for graduation be aware that the information presented on the Plan of Study must match the Thesis and Dissertation Defense Date Declaration and the Thesis and Dissertation Oral Defense Form or the graduation applicant cannot graduate.

Be reminded again that all deadlines are final and non-negotiable.

Rooms are few and far between, please make reservations no less than two weeks prior to defense.

Bring completed forms:

  • Thesis and Dissertation Oral Defense Form
  • EDT Signature Forms (Students thesis committee may elect to withhold signatures until revisions are complete. This form must be signed before submission to the library.)
  • Be prepared for the defense. Arrive early. Check room for set-up, equipment and cleanliness. Check in with department liaison.

Bring the signed Thesis and Dissertation Oral Defense Form to the department liaison immediately after the defense.

Process for Graduation    

Diplomas will be mailed to the address provided by the graduate within four weeks after graduation.

Questions or concerns about diplomas should be directed to the Registrar Office.