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Olivia A. Jones, Ph.D.



Dr. Olivia A. Jones (PhD University of Groningen) obtained her B.A. from WVU and an M.A. from University College London in the United Kingdom prior to pursuing a Ph.D. in Greek archaeology from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Jones’ doctoral research focused on approaching Mycenaean (Late Bronze Age) mortuary practices with a bioarchaeological methodology. Her current research examines Mycenaean infant burial practices and human remains with a multi-faceted methodology including paleopathology and ancient DNA analyses. Jones is also actively engaged in fieldwork as the bioarchaeologist on multiple projects in Greece.

In addition to her academic research, Jones has worked in contract archaeology (CRM) in the eastern US and is currently the Lead Curator at the Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex in Moundsville, WV. She supervises the research facility, manages the state of West Virginia archaeology collections, and directs all NAGPRA compliance.

Dr. Jones’ teaching specialties include human osteology, the anthropology of death, and Classical archaeology. She is passionate about helping students think critically about the role of science in archaeological contexts as well as forensic settings. Her teaching experience includes traditional lecture-based courses, online teaching, hands-on laboratory instruction, and training students in field excavation. Jones is currently the Director of the WVU Archaeological Research and Training Laboratory where students are trained in artifact processing and research strategies.

Selected Publications

Skourtanioti, E., O.A. Jones, 2023. Ancient DNA Reveals Admixture History and Endogamy in the Prehistoric Aegean. Nature Ecology & Evolution 7: 290–303. Open-access:

Aktypi, K., M. Gazis, and O.A. Jones. 2021. One Century of Research in Mycenaean Western Achaea: A Review of Old and New Evidence from Mortuary Contexts in Periphery of the Mycenaean World: Recent Discoveries and Research Results edited by Efi Karantzali, 489-502. Ministry of Culture and Sports: Athens.  

Papazoglou-Manioudaki, L. K. Paschalidis, and O.A. Jones. 2019. Community and Memory in the Periphery of the Mycenaean World: Incidents in the Life of the Mygdalia Settlement near Patras, in Achaea in Mneme: Past and Memory in the Aegean Bronze Age edited by E. Borgna, I. Caloi, F. Carincia and R. Laffineur. Aegeaum 43, 199-208. Peeters: Leuven.

Aktypi, K., O.A. Jones, and M. Gazis. 2019. “Use and Reuse of the Past: Case Studies from Mycenaean Achaea” Mneme: Past and Memory in the Aegean Bronze Age edited by E. Borgna, I. Caloi, F. Carincia and R. Laffineur.  Aegeaum 43, 319-328. Peeters: Leuven.

O.A. Jones. 2018. Mycenaean Secondary Burial Revisited: Legacy Data, Taphonomy, and the Process of Burial in Mycenaean Achaia, Greece. Bioarchaeology International 2/4: 217-239. 

Jones, O.A. 2018. Burial Exclusion or Inclusion: The Demography of Mycenaean Mortuary Practices in Achaia, Greece. Journal of Greek Archaeology 3: 75-93

Jones, O.A., J. van der Plicht, L. Papazoglou-Manioudaki, and M. Petropoulos. 2018. Timing is Everything: Radiocarbon Dating the Multiple Levels in a Mycenaean Tholos. STAR: Science & Technology of Archaeological Research 3/2: 456-465. Open access:

 Courses Taught at WVU

  • ANTH 105 Introduction to Anthropology
  • ANTH 349 Introduction to Human Osteology
  • ANTH 357 Archaeological Field School
  • ANTH 393 Anthropology of Death
  • ANTH 393B Archaeology of Greece and Rome 
  • ANTH 393H Bioarchaeology
  • ANTH 490 Teaching Practicum
  • ANTH 495 Independent Study
  • HIST 201 History of Ancient Times