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Jason Manning, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Sociology


Dr. Manning received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Virginia. His primary research area is the study of moral conflict, a specialty that addresses the causes of disputes as well as various forms of punishment, social control, or any other means by which people express grievances and respond to conduct they define as deviant. 

Within this broad area much of his work focuses on violent and self-destructive ways of handling conflict, such as protest suicide, homicide-suicide, and suicide terrorism. His recent work also addresses changing patterns of conflict and social control on college campuses, such as calls for administrations to combat offensive speech.

Dr. Manning considers himself a theoretical sociologist who seeks to develop general principles that predict and explain variation in human behavior, such as why some conflicts are handled differently than others.    

Selected Publications

Manning, Jason. 2012. “Suicide as Social Control.” Sociological Forum 27 (1): 207-227. 

Manning, Jason. 2015. “The Social Structure of Homicide-Suicide.” Homicide Studies 19 (4): 350-369.

Campbell, Bradley and Jason Manning.  2014. “Microaggression and Moral Cultures.” Comparative Sociology 13 (5): 692-726.

Courses Taught