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Corey Colyer, Ph.D.**

Associate Professor


Member of the Religion and Society Group

Dr. Colyer received his M.A. from Western Michigan University and Ph.D. from Syracuse University. His research focuses on people processing institutions and the interaction between agencies of social control. His dissertation and recent publications examined the processes and procedures of coercive substance abuse treatment programs. He teaches courses in Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Research Methods.

Selected Publications

Rishel, Carrie., Morris, Tracy., Colyer, Corey J. and Tami Calvez Gurley. 2014.“Preventing the Residential Placement of Young Children: A Multidisciplinary Investigation of Challenges and Opportunities in a Rural State”. Children and Youth Services Review 37:9-14. 

Nolan, James J, Norman Conti, and Corey J Colyer. 2011. “A public safety process:sustained dialogue for situational policing.” in Resolving Community Conflicts and Problems: Public Deliberation and Sustained Dialog, edited by Roger A. Lohmann and Jon Van Til. New York: Columbia University Press.

Weiss, Karen & Corey J. Colyer. 2010. “Roofies, Mickies, and Cautionary Tales:Examining the Persistence of the ‘Date Rape Drug’ Crime Narrative. DeviantBehavior. 31: 348-379.

Courses Taught

  • SOCA 232 Criminology
  • SOCA 234 The Criminal Justice System
  • SOCA 330 Criminal Justice System
  • SOCA 402 The Investigating Professions
  • SOCA 435 Criminal Justice Processes
  • SOCA 513 Qualitative Methods