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Corey Colyer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Sociology & Director of Undergraduate Studies


Member of the Religion and Society Group

Dr. Colyer received his M.A. from Western Michigan University and Ph.D. from Syracuse University. His research focuses on people processing institutions and the interaction between agencies of social control. His dissertation and recent publications examined the processes and procedures of coercive substance abuse treatment programs. He teaches courses in Criminal Justice, Criminology, and Research Methods.

Selected Publications

Stein, Rachel E., Katie E. Corcoran, Corey J. Colyer. 2019. “Fostering Interaction in a Strict Non-communal Group: A Case Study of Amish Visiting Practices.” Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Religion 15(2): 2-23. 

Colyer, Corey J. and Karen Weiss. 2018. “Contextualizing the Drink-Spiking Narrative That “Everyone Knows”.  Criminal Justice Review. 43(1):10-22. 

Colyer, Corey J., Anderson Cory A., Stein, Rachel E., Donnermeyer, Joseph,. Wasao, Sampson. 2017. “Reviving the Demographic Study of the Amish” Journal of Amish and Plain Anabaptist Studies 5(1): 96-119. 

Colyer, Corey J. 2017. “Constructing Christianity's 'Clear Voice': The Creation of Christianity Today Magazine”  Sociological Focus. Published online 09 Jun 2017. 

Courses Taught

  • SOCA 232 Criminology
  • SOCA 234 The Criminal Justice System
  • SOCA 488 Criminal Justice Processes
  • SOCA 610 Advanced General Sociology 
  • SOCA 721 Qualitative Methods