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Jesse Wozniak, Ph.D. **

Associate Professor - Sociology


Dr. Wozniak received his Ph.D. in sociology from the University of Minnesota in 2012 and joined the WVU faculty in January 2013. His dissertation critically examined the reconstruction of the Iraqi police force. This unique study utilized a combination of ethnographic observations of Iraqi police training, interviews with Iraqi police trainers and recruits, surveys of new police, and extensive discourse analysis of Iraqi media.

His work on policing examines how police have been used both historically and contemporaneously to establish, bolster, and maintain state power and authority, specifically in the context of neo-liberal global imperialism. In addition to policing, Dr. Wozniak’s research explores the intersections of deviance, social control, state organizations, and mass society.

He has taught courses in deviant behavior, criminal justice, policing, law politics and inequality, race and ethnicity, and introduction to sociology.

Dr. Wozniak's website can be found at here.

Selected Publications

Wozniak, Jesse. 2018. "Iraq's Neoliberal Reconstruction and the Continued Relevance of the State" Forthcoming at Sociological Focus

Wozniak, Jesse. 2017. "Iraq and the Material Basis of Post-Conflict Police Reconstruction" The Journal of Peace Research 54(6): 806-818.

Wozniak, Jesse “’We are Going to Prove That We Are a Civil and Developed Country’: The Cultural Performance of Police Legitimacy and Empire in the Iraqi State” The British Journal of Criminology. 57(4):906-923.

Wozniak, Jesse. 2015. "Missing the Moral: Excited Delirium as a Negative Case of a Moral Panic" Punishment and Society 18(2): 198-219.

Wozniak, Jesse. 2014. “When The Going Gets Weird: A Call to Gonzo Sociology” The American Sociologist 45(4): 453-473.

Courses Taught

  • SOCA 234 The Criminal Justice System
  • SOCA 319 Police Culture & Socialization
  • SOCA 321 Punishment and Social Control
  • SOCA 488 Law, Politics, and Inequality 
  • SOCA 513 Qualitative Methods
  • SOCA 610 Advanced General Sociology 
  • SOCA 793: Race, Crime, and Community