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B.A. in Sociology

Broaden your perspectives on the origin, development, organization and functioning of society with a bachelor's degree in sociology. Students examine human society with an emphasis on social structure, processes of social interaction and social change. 

Students learn the methods of social science as well as the specialized knowledge and insights of discipline while selecting from a range of substantive course topics. These include but are not limited to: Racial and ethnic relations, sex and gender, social class and poverty, families and relationships, social psychology and media, health and health care and urban and rural sociology.  

Courses teach students how to apply sociological principles to a wide range of contemporary social problems. Students pursue a broad range of careers that require knowledge of social organization and social processes. Students are also prepared for graduate studies in the social sciences in pursuit of academic or applied research careers or for professional training in law, public administration, social work, public health and other fields.

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