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Criminology Minor

Consider a minor in Criminology! Criminology treats crime as the product of complex social forces, seeking to understand the social foundations of our laws, the causes of law-breaking, and how society responds to crime. Through three required foundation courses and three upper-level electives reflecting a variety of crime and justice topics, the minor provides valuable sociological perspective for students interested in policing and investigations, law, corrections, social services, business, and more.

Because the department serves both Criminology majors and minors with shared courses, we manage the enrollment process using restriction codes. Minors should refer to the following for guidance and direct any questions to

SOCA 101 (Introduction to Sociology)

  • On-campus or online, no restrictions

SOCA 232 (Criminology) and 234 (Criminal Justice System), PR: SOCA 101

  • Online sections – Minors are encouraged to take these sections.  
  • On-campus sections – These are initially restricted to Criminology majors.  The major restriction will be lifted after sophomore priority registration, and you may register at that time if there is space.

Upper-level criminology electives (PR: SOCA 232 and 234)

  • Online sections – Minors are encouraged to take these sections. Criminology majors are not permitted to take upper-level courses online in the fall and spring.
  • On-campus sections – These are intended primarily for Criminology majors, but we will lift the major restriction at the end of the term, and you may register if there is space.

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