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Adrienne Thompson

Program Assistant II

Adrienne "Addy" Thompson is a Program Assistant II in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology.                  

Addy is a graduate of West Virginia University and majored in History with minors in Native American Studies and Appalachian Studies. Her areas of emphasis were Public History and African and African American History. She was involved in various projects and activities as an undergraduate including WVU's African American Historic Schools Project, the Abandoned Properties Coalition's Vacant Schools Project, the Resurvey and Assessment of the Morgantown Wharf and Warehouse District for the Morgantown Historic Landmarks Commission, and the Sabraton Historic Resources Survey for the Morgantown Historic Landmarks Commission. Along with her colleagues, Addy presented some of her research efforts through the Preservation Alliance of West Virginia (PAWV) in a webinar titled "Documenting Appalachia's Diverse Communities Through Historic Preservation."

Thompson, Adrienne (2020) "China’s Illegal Organ Trade: From Executed Prisoners to Organ Tourism to Falun Gong," West Virginia University Historical Review: Vol. 1: Iss. 1, Article 6.
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