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Sociology Anthropology Criminology Association (SACA)

The department sponsors one undergraduate organization, the Sociology Anthropology Criminology Association (SACA). SACA aims to unite students who are interested in one of the three fields. The organization provides students the opportunity to network with professors, graduate students, and professionals. SACA regularly has professionals give presentations at its regularly scheduling meetings; hold fundraisers; participates in university and local community initiatives, such as volunteering at Bartlett House and the Shack; and organizes field trips.

President: Mary Cook |

Being a part of SACA since freshman year, watching SACA grow has been an enjoyable and a beneficial experience. I am so excited for this year and the events to be held! I am a senior from the state of Georgia and a criminology major with a minor of human services. Engaging students in these events and providing resource information is one of our top new focuses. I welcome all students in the subject area of SACA to visit one of our meetings and to be vocal in our community, for our ideas and agenda come from the interests of the members.

Secretary: Alexis Hilling |

I have been a member of SACA since spring 2016, and am looking forward to serving SACA and its members this academic year. I am a senior double majoring in sociology and political science with a minor in women’s and gender studies. I also intern with the Research Center on Violence and am very passionate about research. I hope to assist other executive members in providing an inclusive environment for all SOCA majors. Student engagement is crucial to SACA and executive members have been working together to provide students with more beneficial information and events relevant to their majors as well as their future academic and occupational pursuits. 

Public Relations: Kayla Eichstedt |

I moved to West Virginia University in the Fall of 2015 from Detroit Michigan. I joined SACA my freshman year. I am currently a senior graduating in the Spring of 2018. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Psychology. I am planning to attend graduate school and study Applied Behavioral Analysis or Criminal Psychology. I am excited to be a part of the leadership for SACA and I look forward to the year ahead we have planned.

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