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Faculty Areas of Specialization

Crime, Law, and Deviance

Specialized Elective: Sociological Theories of Crime and Deviance

Faculty Active in This Area: Colyer, Corcoran, DeKeseredy, Dunaway, Manning, Nolan, Scheitle, Stein, Weiss, Woldoff, Wozniak

o   Criminological theory

o   Policing and social control

o   Punishments and correction 

o   Laws and courts

o   Victimization 

o   Juvenile delinquency

o   Gangs and violence

o   Neighborhood/communities and crime

o   Hate crime

o   Gender and crime

o   Race and crime

o   Corporate/white collar crime and terrorism

o   Mass media, crime, and deviance 

o   Cyber crime, digital criminology 

o   Substance use and abuse

o   Perceptions of crime and justice

Inequality, Diversity, and Equity

Specialized Elective : Systemic Inequalities

Faculty Active in This Area: Bird, Dunaway, DeKeseredy, Hirshman, Latimer, Nolan, Renfrew, Song, Steele, Weiss, Woldoff, Woods, Wozniak

o   Gender and Sexuality (gender-based violence, gender and work, LGBTQ youth, status)

o   Race and Ethnicity

o   Poverty and Social Class

o   Urban issues

o   Rural

o   Health

o   Environment, environmental justice 

o   Intersectionality

Social Psychology and Group Processes

Specialized Elective : – Individual and Society

Faculty Active in This Area: Corcoran, Latimer, Nolan, Renfrew, Woods

o   Collective behavior, collective action, and social movements 

o   Symbolic interaction

o   Self and identity 

o   Emotions, affect, and sentiments 

o   Group processes 

o   Altruism, pro-social behavior, and group solidarity

o   Attitudes and public opinion  

o   Community, community dynamics 

Sociology of Religion

Specialized Elective : Sociology of Religion

Faculty Active in This Area: Colyer, Corcoran, Scheitle, Stein

o   Amish community and culture 

o   Atheism and non-religion

o   Religion and health

o   Religion, politics, and social movements

o   Religion and science

o   Religion, crime, deviance, discrimination, and victimization

o   Religious world views, beliefs, and behaviors

o   Religious organizations and congregations 


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