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Gulzar Jalal

Adjunct professor

Graduate Student


Gulzar is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at WVU. She completed her B.A. in Sociology in 2011 at the University of Sulaimani. Her academic journey led her to the United States in December 2014, where she pursued and successfully obtained her M.A. in Sociology from Ball State University in 2017. Her master's thesis, titled "The Impact of Religious Beliefs on Attitudes Towards Body Organ Donation After Death," reflects her expertise in sociology, particularly in the realm of religion's influence on social attitudes.

Gulzar's area of expertise spans various sociological domains including sociology of family, crime and delinquency, religion, and culture. Her proficiency extends to conducting research using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. 

In the realm of teaching, Gulzar has gained valuable experience by instructing introductory Sociology classes via online and face-to-face settings over a span of three years. Currently, she is actively engaged in teaching Juvenile Delinquency (CRIM 303), demonstrating her commitment to imparting sociological knowledge to students. Her dedication to education and research makes her a valuable asset to the academic community.